We are grateful to count on many supporters among our clients and partners:

“The need for innovative online events is clear, and MetaVenue is applying a highly creative use of several Microsoft technologies to push the limits of what’s possible. We have long believed that techniques originally developed for the games industry will have widespread application in other industries, and we’re excited to support Alice & Smith as they do just that and reimagine the future of the trillion-dollar global events industry.”

James Gwertzman, General Manager, Gaming Vertical, Microsoft 

“By leveraging Alice & Smith’s world-class MetaVenue experiential digital platform, we were able to reimagine our ELEVATE 21 events, delivering an innovative and exciting virtual experience.” 

Andrew Elvish, Vice President of Marketing, Genetec

“We’re thankful to have incredibly creative partners like Alice & Smith and YHP, whose technology powered PDXCON Remixed, enabling us to develop a world-first integration of Twitch, Unreal AR and PlayFab for our annual global community celebration.”

Paula Thelin, Events Manager, Paradox Interactive

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